Letter From the Editors

Dear Reader,

There are expectations for a Letter from the Editors. It wants insight, demands glorification – of the magazine’s insides and art everywhere. Yet, do we run the risk of bringing down craft by a constant need to laud it – like calling a lover beautiful again and again until it’s a name and not a compliment?

For our letter this year, we instead aim to break the barrier between what is written and what is felt. In place of insight, we offer you emotion. We think each magazine issue is a myriad of emotional resonance, each piece within laying itself bare. When you slice open the moments in these writings, red comes out. There’s life inside. And the authors of our issue have captured it. Consider Armiya Shaikh’s clinching ultimate line, I have been writing this letter from inside the crab cage. Meditate on what Rebecca Davis invokes with the sentiment, I imagine the stories that he could tell – ones of loss and of love, explaining that the love has been (and always will be) worth the loss. Follow the conviction in Ellery Beck’s work, I know you felt the crack in the oak, the words inside your hands. Ask yourself as you read, do your palms vibrate with a newfound pressure, an idea that there’s something there you hadn’t known before? Which stories circle like a shark in your head, and do they elevate love over the agony of loss? Have you too felt the entrapment of a cage, of the rattling, the rattling, only to be pulled from the sea and into the air?

Yet, through these turbulent passions, we are reminded of Tamar Sidi’s knee-bending lines, We are alive. Thank God.

For these words and more, we thank our contributors. We thank our dedicated team for helping us share their work. And we thank you, reader, for bearing witness.



Samantha, Amy, Jay, & Monet