Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers,

A perfectionist often worries that their project is never done. A neat room can be cleaned more deeply. An academic paper can use one more quote. If we pay attention to the minutiae of our everyday lives, and strive to transform them into their most ideal form, then perhaps we can be satisfied.


Editors hold the dual job of finding the ideal and improving it. We look to writers to show us what perfection can be. Even as self-proclaimed perfectionist editors, making the ultimate decision that a piece is “perfect” became a Herculean task.


The pieces within these pages have shown us how words can spin aesthetic and emotion that move us beyond what we believed was possible. They move us to the sublime. The sublime is different than perfection. It is something more. More than what? More than what we can understand.


The most perfect thing we, as editors, can ask for, is in reaching for more.


We are invited beyond ourselves in Chukwuemerie Udekwe’s “Teardrops on Flowerbuds,” into the love between mother and son. We ache to trans- form into the unmarred flower Samantha Harden seeks to be in “Daphne.” Although Morgan Wagle struggles to create distance in “Just Neighbors,” she impeccably places us in the uncomfortable position of unreciprocated friendship. And Marshall Farren offers snippets of life we can fall into and explore through his photography.


Dear reader, we hope you will reach for more with us and our authors. We hope you find perfection where we might’ve missed it. And, as perfectionists, we hope you are able to stay in the beautiful moments between this magazine’s pages, and outside as well.



                                                                                                                            The Editors