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hot girl summer by Virginia Kane

it is the hottest month on record

in all of human history


so of course i am thinking about your ass

how flawless it looks in skinny jeans


your collarbone & everything

our chapsticked mouths could accomplish


i watch CNN footage of regurgitating smokestacks

read the latest stats on each new way we’ll annihilate


ourselves & know i must be human

because of the way i want


organic avocados imported from Mexico or

girls like you to swipe right on my curated crop top photos


so i invite you to a poetry reading across town

watch you watch the sun burn


through the bookstore window & on the train ride home

you tell me about wildfires ravaging your hometown


a boy who waits for you

eight states away


& i care about California

its three degrees of temperature rise


but it’s not why i lay naked

at three in the morning


sweating sleepless

in an air-conditioned room


though what do i know of the word unprecedented

what of loss labeled irreversible


outside my father mourns his lettuce plants

which drowned yesterday


when a month’s worth of rain

fell in an hour


first the swallows migrated too early

then the drought the size of Europe but


most days it doesn’t feel that hot

most days it feels like any other heat wave because


most days i don’t feel that hot

no VSCO sex doll Insta-baddie porn star


you are not the whole world,

my sister scolds me on the porch so


i guess your tongue in someone else’s mouth

doesn’t spell natural disaster


your goodbye two stops before mine

doesn’t equal species extinction


it is the hottest month on record

in all of human history &


i am not

the world


still i offer myself

to what can’t love me back


gasp when i go up in flames

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